About RMI Gallery


Previously, Rocky Mountain Images Galleries was a husband and wife team living in Colorado.  Still live in Colorado, but recently I lost my soulmate and sweetheart of 47 years when Doug suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from a brain aneurysm.  We had temporarily closed our website when we sold our former home in June, 2017.  We camped on our new property for 6 months before the weather turned too cold to stay.  Finally moved into our new home in March, 2018.  Then just as we were getting ready to re-open our web site and the business, Doug suffered the brain aneurysm and passed away in May, 2018.   

Douglas had been involved with photos since the mid 70's.   We sold many matted photos online to customers, friends, neighbors ..  before we jumped into the photo gift business.  It was hard to persuade him to give up his old Minolta camera and slides and enter into the digital age but he eventually did with the help of his two Nikon digital cameras.  Doug's enduring affection for all things Colorado, but particularly Rocky Mountain National Park, Teton National Park, Mueller State Park, any mountain scenic and landscape, waterfalls, reflections, moonsets and wildlife lives on in his love of photography.  As horrendously painful as this whole thing  has been, our son (Chad) wanted to re-establish the website, and reactivate the business as well as help with it.  Chad and I both continue to take photos.  That is our plan to date.  

I will continue to use our photos on all the products we offer.  However a customer's photo can be used as well.  

Thank you for visiting Rocky Mountain Images website.  We appreciate your patronage.  We accept credit cards and PayPal for purchases.  Customers do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase from this website.

Photo images are copyrighted to Douglas N. and Lana D. Cramer, DBA Rocky Mountain Images and www.rmigallery.com.   As such, they are not available for any unauthorized use or duplication without our knowledge and/or our consent.   We use our images on products our customers purchase.  To others - please respect our investment and our intellectual, creative and artistic properties.  Although we can use a customer's own photo for a product, please do not ask us to indulge in possible copyright infringement by using a photo, a cartoon or other internet image that does not belong to you, may be copyrighted to another owner and where such usage might result in legal action against Rocky Mountain Images.  Thank you.