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DOOR HANGER DESCRIPTION:  We offer a wide variety of our two-sided color photo, personalized door hanger selections using our scenic landscape, wildflower and wildlife photos found in our Door Hanger Gallery.  They are professionally done, colorful, functional and practical for any business. 

WHO FOR:  Door Hangers are particularly helpful to therapists, counselors, massage therapists, reiki, spa or esthetician personnel, medical staff, psychiatrists, speech therapists, retail or business offices, professors and educators, people who may offer private lessons, home schoolers and companies where a level of privacy would be helpful.

WHY MIGHT ONE BE NEEDED: Frustrated by unexpected, unanticipated, unwelcome intrusions?  Now alert customers, patients, clientele, staff and employees, the general public, walk-ins or delivery personnel to any in session counselings, testing situations or private meetings wherein interruptions and noise should be kept to a minimum or eliminated altogether.  

TYPE OF DOOR KNOB: These door hangers are best suited for standard round door knobs.  It is also noted that the door hanger can be hung on an interior or exterior round door knob.  Weather concerns, such as direct sun which might cause fading, could affect the color brilliance on an unprotected exterior door hanger.  Otherwise they are quite durable and long lasting.  The metal, decorative door knobs are not conducive to these round standard door knob hangers as they do not allow the door hanger to remain in place when opened or closed and will invariably fall off.  I do have light metal signs that could be affixed to a door with poster tacks or small nails.

DIMENSIONS:  Door hangers are 4"wide by 9.25" in length.   

TEXT:  Any text, either side, including personalized text and/or company name.  

PROOFS:  Proofs provided prior to pressing to ensure accuracy of order.

VOLUME:  If more than one is desired, please inquire about reduced pricing/shipping.

SHIPPING: $3.95.

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