Customer Picture Transfer

Generally a customer will send their photo electronically.  We will determine if the photo clarity is sufficient for the product ordered.  A large 12 x 15" cutting board needs more clarity and definition than a 1.25 x 3" photo name badge.

Copyright Infringement

Because we own our photos , we imply permission when used on our products.  However, we have to be cautious and careful when using a customer's photo.  By providing the photo, the customer implies and confirms the photo belongs to them - that they took the photo themselves or permission to use the photo was given.  For instance, generally if a customer purchased family photos from a private photo business, they belong to the customer, unless other rights were retained by the photographer.  If family or friends took the photo  - it is probably assumed that usage is permitted.  Please, no cartoons or funnies wherein copyright would be infringed.

What is the Customer Message Board?

The message board is where we will advise our customers of many things - but largely when we are unable to process orders because we away doing our photography, perhaps ill or away visiting family or friends.  That could be approximately 3-4 times a year.  We are a home based business and we do all the tasks involved and occasionally we are unavailable to process orders in a timely manner. When that presents itself, we will use our customer message board to advise customers.

Processing Delay

A processing delay pertains to when we are unavailable to process orders.   We may be unavailable because we are away shooting photos in another location.  Our Store is always open.  However In a processing delay case, if a customer chooses to order anyway - we will send an email alerting them to our absence and a time frame when we will be processing orders once again. If a customer inadvertently overlooked the "processing delay" status under the Customer Messages Section and their urgency will not allow them to wait  - we will promptly refund the order.  We will also put the message on our home page.

Processing Timeframe

Processing usually takes 3-5 business days after any proofs are approved.  We provide a confirmation and shipping emails for every order.  If we are in a "hold" status .. we will also notify customers of that delay. If there is an urgency to an order, we will attempt to shorten that time frame based on our ability to do so.


SHIPPING is usually done via US Postal Service First Class, Priority Mail or Flat Rates depending on each item's weight.  We will provide all of the shipping and/or tracking info when shipped.


TAXES for Florissant,CO are 3.9% and are only charged for a CO customer order.  There is no tax on the shipping rate itself.

Thank you for visiting Rocky Mountain Images website.  We appreciate your patronage.  We accept credit cards and PayPal for purchases.  Customers do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase from this website.

Photo images are copyrighted to Douglas N. and Lana D. Cramer, DBA Rocky Mountain Images and www.rmigallery.com.   As such, they are not available for any unauthorized use or duplication without our knowledge and/or our consent.   We use our images on products our customers purchase.  To others - please respect our investment and our intellectual, creative and artistic properties.  Although we can use a customer's own photo for a product, please do not ask us to indulge in possible copyright infringement by using a photo, a cartoon or other internet image that does not belong to you, may be copyrighted to another owner and where such usage might result in legal action against Rocky Mountain Images.  Thank you.